For Parents

The Center for Families provides parent-to-parent support groups that offer guidance, education, and increased awareness of teen mental health and substance abuse struggles. We have all been in your shoes, and you are not alone.

To lay the foundation for a successful path to recovery, families need proper education, as well as skills for healthy communication. The Center for Families is committed to providing the essential tools and support that parents need to understand, empathize, and help their teen get back on track to health and happiness.

In our parent support groups, parents who have had experience with these challenges provide guidance for other parents who are beginning their family’s healing journey. You will learn ways to walk your teen through their struggles, and how to lead them by healthy example. We know this is just as hard on you as it is on them.

In our combined experience working with teens and families for decades, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all model of treatment. The Center for Families works with parents and teens through all stages of the healing process and addresses each family’s specific needs every step of the way.

We make it as easy as possible for you, because we know how busy life can be. At the same time that your teen is receiving support and education at the Center for Families, you can attend one of our parent support groups. The parallel treatment that we provide teens and families lies at the forefront of our high-quality mental health and substance abuse recovery program.


Foundations for Parents:

  • This peer-facilitated psychoeducation program is for parents of children struggling with substance abuse and related disorders.
  • Learn about substance abuse and recovery from a parent’s perspective.
  • Emphasis is on exploring solutions rather than dissecting problems.
  • Explore family healing and wellness, from crisis to recovery.
  • Outcome: increased understanding of substance abuse and a foundation for family recovery.

Serenity for Parents:

  • This support group is for parents of children with mental health and emotional/behavioral issues.
  • Focus is on mutual support through sharing personal experiences and solutions.
  • Outcome: strong sense of connection, community, and hope.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Group

Designed for:

  • Emotional regulation issues
  • Self-harming issues.


  • Clinician-facilitated groups
  • Mindfulness and stress tolerance
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Emotional regulation tools
  • Outcome: increased tolerance of stress and new coping skills for emotional regulation.