Summer at CFF

Set your teen up for success with a program that supports mental health, builds resilience, and enhances social, academic, and coping skills.

Fun, Empowerment, and Connection

Teens have an exciting summer packed with outdoor adventures, group activities, and creative expression—while unplugging from technology and building an in-person support network. Adolescents who struggle with mental health issues make lasting friendships, build a strong sense of self, participate in new experiences, and have a great time outside with others—instead of sitting in their rooms all summer on their phones!

Support and Structure to Prepare for Fall

Attending CFF in the summer is an opportunity for teens to fill gaps in their academic achievement, gain confidence and organizational skills, and progress toward educational and career goals. Our Special Education teachers and tutors provide support with executive functioning, motivation, and engagement, to help kids prepare for the upcoming school year mentally and emotionally, and reduce anticipatory anxiety.  

Family Programming

Family-focused programming at CFF strengthens connection and trust between parents and teens, and restores harmony at home, improving adolescents’ mental health and positive outlook.

Creative Expression

Teens express themselves through art, music, and writing, guided through a therapeutic lens. Our yoga program supports relaxation and helps balance the nervous system.

Outdoor Adventures

Our program incorporates outdoor adventures like Go-karting, paddle boarding, hiking, and ropes courses. Teens have a great time while building teamwork and self-esteem. They can also help care for CFF’s chickens at our Malvern location!

Academic Support

Our accredited teachers and tutors support teens to build executive functioning skills and help with credit remediation and summer schoolwork, as well as providing guidance with college applications, career exploration, and SAT/ACT prep.

Skills-Based Groups

Teens learn social skills, tools for enhancing resilience,
and coping skills to develop a more balanced relationship with technology.

“My time at CFF has been one of the best times in my life. Every time I got in the car, my mom would say how happy I looked. I truly felt happy, and after such a long time. This summer showed me how to truly feel happiness, safeness, and love. I’ve smiled so much bigger and I laughed with so much more meaning. I’m going to miss this program so much.”

—CFF summer program participant

Make this your teen’s best summer ever!
Call us at 844-795-6570 to find out more and register.

Our Programs

CFF offers year-round programming to support teens and families, with two locations and a variety of options.

Center For Families Staff Member Leading the PHP Therapeutic Day Treatment Program | Center for Families

Therapeutic Day Program

Our Therapeutic Day Program/PHP helps teens build strong relationships, learn and practice healthy coping skills, grow their self-worth, and reestablish trust and connection with themselves and their loved ones, while staying on track with academics.

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Center For Families Therapy Room for Teens and Their Families | Teen Treatment Programs | Center for Families

Intensive Outpatient Program

With IOP, clients receive comprehensive, integrated teen outpatient care to support healing and thriving while they maintain their current school schedule. Families are involved in each aspect of care.

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Teens Graduating from Center for Families Therapeutic Day School Services | Teen Treatment Programs | Center for Families

Therapeutic Day School

Our Therapeutic Day School, part of the Therapeutic Day Program, offers a nurturing educational environment in which students can reach their full academic potential alongside like-minded peers.

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